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Galaxy Note 4 Phablet First-known New Features

Even though the release of Galaxy Note 4 is still months away, there are many speculation of its final specs. Most of these speculations have been generated by the newly unveiled Galaxy S5 and below you will find few features that are likely to be seen on the upcoming phablet.
Bendable display with 2K resolution
CES2013 has hosted for the first time the concept of bendable display as Samsung showcased a device that featured it. It was rumoured that either Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 will feature it but it never became reality. Nor did Galaxy S5 so this leads us to believe Galaxy Note 4 may just be the lucky winner. If thing turn out the way we think, expect a three-sided overlapping display and pictures at resolutions 2560×1440 pixels (or around the 2K area).
Biometric protection
As Galaxy S5 features a hard-to-hack fingerprint scanner we believe there are absolutely no reasons for the feature to be missed off the phablet. However, things are not stopping here as there are rumors out there about a potential iris scanner. Basically, an eye reader will go that extra mile and give you more peace of mind by simply using the front camera sensor. We think it’s safe to say that Galaxy Note 4 is likely to be the most secure device to come.
Impenetrable casing
Samsung fans and not only have been wowed by the IP67 certified water feature that Galaxy S5 unveiled. No doubt about it, the phablet prezzo will have it too so you can forget about the worries an accidental water spill normally cause. It remains to be seen whether Galaxy Note 4 will take things one step further and be safe at deeper water submersions and longer exposures to water that Galaxy S5.
The release date for Galaxy Note 4 has not been officially confirmed but it is very likely to take place at the Berlin IFA event in September 2014.

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